Monday, June 24, 2013

Singing to Silence the Enemy

My wife sent this link to me a couple of days ago:

After reading it, I immediately thought of Cullen

I'll never forget that day. We came home from church one Sunday and I was up in our bedroom. The house was very quiet. I heard Cullen saying something downstairs, at least I thought he was saying something. Then I realized he was singing while he lay on the floor pushing his favorite garbage truck back and forth. At first I couldn't make out the words since he cannot articulate them well. Then I heard what he was singing at the top of his voice (although no one outside of our family would have probably understood what he was singing):

"You are stronger!
You are stronger!
Sin is broken, you have saved me.
It is written, Christ is risen
Jesus you are Lord of all!"

I was speechless with awe.

Since then I have noticed that Cullen (who is almost 7), who cannot speak in narrative at all and cannot follow the story of a simple children's book (among many other things), was able to learn worship songs at church and come home singing them. He does this almost every Sunday. Music penetrates into the minds and hearts of broken children in ways nothing else can.

All I could remember that day is being filled with gratitude that through the singing of hymns and worship songs God had planted Gospel truths in the mind of my son, something Bev and I pray for! God knows Cullen's heart. He knows Cullen way better than we do. He created Him! I know I can trust Him with Cullen.

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