Friday, September 23, 2011

Tomorrow is buzz day!

My wife would make an excellent blogger (way better than me). She expresses herself very well in writing. Below is her entry to Oliver's CaringBridge on Wednesday, September 21. Tomorrow we will be going up to the charity event (linked below) where Bev will become the third bald person in our family. All are welcome to come and witness this event. I haven't thought about it much (am I in denial?), but I think I am going to freak when I see my wife with no hair. We shall see.
You can still donate to fighting cancer on the link below (even though Bev met and surpassed her goal thanks to the generosity of those who gave!).
Please be praying for Oliver as he starts his new chemo regimen. Thank you.

The Heart
In three days some stranger is going to shave off all my hair. 

If you have seen Oliver running around these days, you will realize that he will have more hair than I do come Saturday.

Since some have inquired, here is the link once again for the donation site for the fundraiser on Saturday called, "Shave, Brave, and Save":

I know that some of you plan on watching and documenting this event so I want you to know that we will not be up at the event until 3:00 pm.

Oliver has drawn a beautiful picture entitled, "Cockatoo Paradise" that is going to be auctioned off also. 

Enough business.....
Last week Oliver had an echocardiogram before his chemo because the next phase of therapy to begin on Oct. 7 (notice the nice little break right now) will include a new chemo that can "damage heart cells". So they wanted to make sure that Oliver's heart is healthy to begin with before they put it at risk. 

It was basically an ultrasound of his heart and it was an incredible experience for me. The process must have taken about 45 minutes and guess what? The whole time, Oliver's heart keep on beating. Duh, right? I sat there watching the screen the whole time amazed at the insane looking valves opening and closing. I was exhausted by the constant pumping. I kept feeling like surely someone needs to take a break. Turn the screen off for a bit, turn the heart off for a bit. Maybe I'm not making any sense to any of you.

I was exhausted by the human heart. 

I am so conditioned to need rest, that it was unsettling to watch Oliver's healthy heart keep beating. THANK YOU GOD that Oliver's heart and my own heart are continuously pumping. If it were up to me, I would have given up in the womb.

What an amazing machine the human heart is. What an amazing Engineer and Creator. But it's not as if God made the heart and then He abandons it to do as He has designed it to. God purposefully, faithfully sustains each and every heartbeat according to His will.

Praise God that He does not need rest and is always actively working to secure His glory.


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