Monday, August 8, 2011

My wife is shaving her head

Yes, it's true. Here is her CaringBridge entry from last night:

SHAVE, Brave and Save
I, Beverly Slater, being of sound mind and judgement, along with the permission of my husband and children, have decided to shave my head.

The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is sponsoring a fund-raiser specifically for the Cancer and Blood disorders clinic that has been a source of tremendous grace to Oliver and us.

Oliver is alive and well today because God has ordained that he follow on the heels of many who have gone before down the road of suffering from cancer and the research gained by studying the affects of different treatments. We are immensely grateful. The sacrifice of my hair is a simple statement that I personally believe this is a worthy cause to give of God's resources. The word "personally" in the previous sentence is important. I would ask that you not sponsor me out of support for myself or Oliver, but out of a personal response to the cause of finding a cure for cancer as well as finding more comforting ways of treating it.

If you decide you would like to sponsor my bald head, here is the link:

Oliver is doing well. He spiked a fever last week but it was quick and his ANC was so high, there wasn't a lot of hubbub over it. 


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