Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember Jesus when you struggle with trust

Many couples have had to rebuild trust in their marriages after the sin of their spouse has become known. Sometimes it is after the devastating sin of adultery. Sometimes it is after other forms of deceitfulness. My wife had to rebuild trust in me after she discovered that I had been lying to her about sinful patterns and habits early on in our marriage. She used to tell me, "I don't trust you, but I trust God." Whatever it is, if you are seeking to rebuild trust in your marriage, Paul Tripp has some wise and tender words of counsel and hope for you. It all starts with ... remembering Jesus:

“When you are working on rebuilding trust, you need to place your hope not in your husband or wife but in the third Person in your marriage, the Lord Jesus. He is with you and for you. As the designer of marriage and the one who brought you together, He has more zeal that your marriage would actually be what He created it to be than you will ever have.

He has the wisdom you need. He has the strength you need. He offers the forgiveness you need. And He will not leave you when the going gets tough. Cry out to Him; He will never turn a deaf ear to you. Listen to His Word; there is wisdom there that has the power to restore.

And when you are discouraged and feel that you are all alone and no one understands, remember Jesus. He suffered rejection and mistreatment. He was not even able to trust His closest companions. On the cross, as He bore our sins, even His Father forsook Him.

He knows what you are going through, and He is the only one who is ready and able to give you the grace you need as you seek to put the shattered china of your trust together again.”

–Paul David Tripp, What Did You Expect? (Wheaton: Crossway, 2010), 165.

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