Saturday, June 18, 2011


Paul Tripp asks:

"So, what happens inside of you when you are asked to wait? Is waiting, for you, a time of stengthening or weakening? Have you ever stopped to consider why God asks you to wait?"

He then goes on to lists 5 habits of "unfaith" while we wait:
  • giving way to doubt
  • giving way to anger
  • giving way to discouragement
  • giving way to envy
  • giving way to inactivity
Tripp then points to God's purpose in having us wait on Him:

"The reality of waiting is that it’s an expression of God’s goodness not empirical evidence against it. He is wise and loving. His timing is always right, and his focus isn’t so much on what you will experience and enjoy, but on what you will become. He is committed to using every tool at his disposal to rescue you from yourself and to shape you into the likeness of his Son. The fact is that waiting is one of his primary shaping tools."

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