Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on Oliver

Oliver finished "induction" (which is what they call 28 days of intense chemo treatment aimed at killing all of the cancer cells in his body) last Friday (6/2). On that Friday he had a bone marrow aspiration and a lumbar puncture to determine whether there were any 'blasts" (cancer cells) left. Today we received the news that Oliver is in remission! So we are praising God, for His goodness and loving His care for Oliver. He still has a long road ahead as he will continue to receive chemo treatments over the next 3 years to destroy any blasts that cannot be detected with instruments. He has officially been moved into the average (standard) risk category for his type of leukemia which has a 90-95% survival rate. While this is indeed encouraging, ultimately we are not trusting in numbers, we are trusting in the goodness and sovereign care of our God.

You can read more about it here:

where my wife has posted an update

Also, here is a video of Oliver at the Milwaukee Zoo. We went there after his labs and consultation and visited the butterfly exhibition. I believe his "moustache" is a black swallowtail. Good times ... (you can hear Bev's famous "cackle" as well)


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  1. Great news brother - praise the Lord! We are rejoicing with you and trusting God for His sovereign care for you, Oliver, and your family.