Sunday, June 19, 2011

the obligatory Father's Day post

I'm really not into Father's Day. Really, I'm not. If it weren't for my kids I would probably forget it was Father's Day or my birthday. On the other hand, my children love Father's Day as it gives them a chance to express their appreciation to me however undeserving it is.

My daughter (who is 9) got up early and made me coffee in my french press (I showed her how to do it the other day). She also brought up some instant waffles slathered with *real* maple syrup and butter. It didn't matter that she forget to wait until the water was boiling before she poured it into the press resulting in what I call "coffee lite" or that she poured 1/2 a cup of cream (!) into the already thin coffee. And it didn't matter that she pulled the waffles straight out of the fridge and, without toasting them, brought them up to me with unmelted butter pats sitting on top of the syrup soaked breakfast treats. What mattered is that she wanted to show her love for her dad and I thanked her for it (although I pressed the grounds again and stuck the waffles in the oven).

All of these things remind me, once again, of how gracious God is to me and how He demonstrates that through the affections of my children, who are God's gracious and wonderful gift to me. I received hand made "cards" from the three oldest. My daughter told me "you're the best dad ever" and my son thanked me for "leading him to Christ" (!).  Listen, I am very aware of my failings and shortcomings as a father even though I am trying to lead them faithfully. So, these expressions humble me in amazement especially when I remember times where I have told my daughter I was too tired to give her a piggy back ride or read her a story or when I exasperated my son by giving him a lot of law and very little grace. They choose to see me through different eyes. What an example for me! My children are a powerful sanctifying influence in my life that God uses to show me many areas of sin. For that I am truly grateful to Him.

Best dad ever? My dad leads me to Christ? There's only one word for that ... grace...

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