Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lord Our Righteousness

As you can see from the title of my blog and the signature of my gmail account (Jeremiah 23:6), I like to speak and write about the righteousness of the Lord, particularly as it applies to those for whom Christ died. In fact, I don't just like to speak about it, I absolutely adore it. I love to meditate on it. Sometimes I even say to myself in wonder, "I have His righteousness.." and it gives me a great sense of security and of assurance and of acceptance. As I go about life, I often forget that I am adorned in the righteousness of Christ, but when I sin and doubt enters or I fear that in the end I will be lost, that in the end He must finally reject me, I suddenly am reminded that I wear it and I think "Ah, no need to fear, all is well. I wear His perfect righteousness."

Having Christ's righteousness is the most important possession a person can own. It makes all of the difference between eternal life or eternal death.

JC Ryle has preached a marvelous sermon on this text. It asks a question and then answers it with three points. The question Ryle asks is the most important question any person can ever ask. Here it is:

The great question to be made known is, "How shall man be just with God? How can I come before the Lord in innocence?"... You must understand:
1. That you must have a perfect righteousness-or you will not be saved.
2. That you have no righteousness of your own of any sort, and therefore by yourself you cannot be saved.
3. That the Lord Himself must be your righteousness, and so you shall be saved.

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