Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to the Friendly Confines

Yesterday I made it back to Wrigley for the first time in about 4 years. Way too long of an absence.

Our friends, Eric and Tracy (my wife has known Tracy since they were in kindergarten), scored some tickets from work for game 2 of the Yankees vs Cubs series in interleague play and were kind enough to think of me. They were great seats and the day was perfect. Except that the Cubbies lost 4-3. I know, big surprise there. It was an exciting game, though, down to the last out.

I brought my buddy, David V. You can see where his allegiance lies. He gave me a break and didn't rib me too much. Yes, Christ has even broken down the wall of hostility between Red Sox and Yankees fans... :)

As Harry Carey would say, "Can't beat fun at the ole ball park."

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