Monday, May 30, 2011

this is not going well - Update; UPDATE - back to normal, I guess

I started this on Friday and I am already ready to quit. The ability to edit html has completely disappeared from my "edit Html" tab... and I cannot figure out how to get it back. As you may have noticed, I tried to re-publish, but that didn't work.

I can see why people quit blogging.

I'm very crabby right now. Very frustrated. Praying for grace. :)

If anyone knows how to clear this issue up please contact me, otherwise, I think my blogging days are numbered.

Update: My wife sensed my frustration and heard my mutterings and expressed basic empathy to me "That must be very frustrating for you dear." Then she said, "Remember, the Lord is your strength, not your blog." Good words that I needed to hear.

UPDATE: HTML has reappeared on my new posts (not sure how that happened) - now I am just trying to figure out things like indenting block quotes... maybe something I can live without? I have major control issues with my blog. Who knew?

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